Is Breast Feeding The Best Feeding?

Before you begin reading this post, I know that you are probably wondering what in the world this blog post is about. But I want you to ask yourself one of two questions before you begin and then I want you to answer that question confidently at the end of my short, but interesting, blog post. Here it goes…

1.) Do I believe that breast feeding is the way to go for mothers to feed their children?

2.) Do I believe that breast feeding is not the way to go for mothers to feed their children?

Now, that you have asked yourself some questions, lets get into the fun part of the post!

Personally, every woman in my family has always breast fed and will continue to breast feed unless there is some sort of medical condition that stops us from being able to do so. I was breast fed. My brother was breast fed. My cousins were breast fed. Everyone was breast fed. Call me bias because that is what I have witnessed, but I believe it really is the healthy way to go.

As we move more and more into the 21st century and technology steadily increases, more myths and more opinions are forming about whether or not breast feeding is the way to go.

In 2011, 75% of American mothers were trying to breast feed (Avishai, Orit). However, there are some factors that may go into whether or not a mother is able to breast feed. A few of these factors may be things such as: economic barriers, education levels, relationship status, family history. 

As I was researching this topic, I found some other funny ways that people name breast feeding… A few to list… 

  1. Moo Moo’s Juice
  2. Mummy Dummies
  3. Boobar

It is true, however, that when women give birth and enter back into the workforce, they have less time to pump milk which causes them to use formula instead. Makes sense, right? Some mothers may choose to pump earlier in the morning and bottle up their milk so that it lasts for the day… or even the week… so that their child does not have to use something other than their original breast milk. 

Formula is an acceptable alternative, but it has been proven that breast feeding lowers a child’s chances of ear infections, diabetes, asthma, or gastrointestinal ailments (Avishai, Orit). There is not yet found to be a significant difference in doing one way over the other… but knowing that you are helping in improving your infants health, while cutting down on costs of bottles and expensive formulas–wouldn’t you want to personally breast feed yourself? (Obviously, talking to the women here! 🙂 )

Cultural Differences when it comes to Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in North America is seen and taken differently than in other parts of the world. It is not as admirable if a woman begins to breastfeed in public. In fact, it is kind of seen as “gross” or something that we should do in private. American women are also not only expected to be house moms like they were 100 years ago, they are also expected to be independent and hardworking in the work force too. With that being the case, it is harder to continue to breastfeed for a long time. Breastfeeding is not seen as “holy” like it is in some cultures…

I came across a blog with some interesting cultural facts as I was researching this. This  blog had a North Americans mom experience of breastfeeding in Mongolia with her first newborn child. Here is the link that you should check out!


As I read about this Mongolian culture, I became fascinated.

In Mongolia, they believe breastfeeding is the best thing that a mother can do. When breastfeeding in public, Mongolians make sure to congratulate the mother, encourage her, and maybe even give the baby a kiss while they are being breastfed! 65% of Mongolian children are still breastfeeding at age 20-23 months (Kamnitzer, Ruth).  There is long time myth in Mongolia believed that their best wrestlers are the ones who have been breast fed for atleast six years.

As an American girl, I am still not sure how that works? ^

Maybe this post has got your wheels turning about breast feeding, and hopefully you have been able to answer one of the two questions from the beginning! Which one did you decide???


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6 thoughts on “Is Breast Feeding The Best Feeding?

  1. Your blog looks very professional and has made me put in a lot of thought on how I want to design my next blog post. Like how you asked the questions at the beginning of the blog to help brainstorm thoughts around your topic of breastfeeding. I think that women should be allowed to breast feed in public. Especially after pondering the various facts that were given in our prezi talking about how critical it is that the infant receive quality breast milk from the mother.


  2. I enjoyed reading this blog, and the culture facts about the breastfeeding, I am guy, to be honest, I did thought it was gross to breastfeed in public, but now I realize all the women has their individual rights and they know their morals, so we do not need to scrutinize the situation but great blog.


  3. I do believe in breast feeding. There are many good benefits with breast feeding and I understand when women start back into the workplace they have to find alternative ways. They might even pump the night before so they can still give the baby breast milk. I really loved your thoughts on breast feeding and find it very neat what names people have for breast feeding.


  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I loved the visuals provided. I can’t believe that in Mongolian people will come up to a breastfeeding mother and congratulate her, as opposed to here where women can sometime be shamed if doing this in public. You’re topic was interesting and definitely left me with something to think about.


  5. I loved the way you designed your blog! The title and images used grabbed my attention. Your facts on breastfeeding being the more nutritional alternative is right. As a breastfeeding advocate, I did still appreciate you putting in reasons why women may not breastfeed such as having to go to work daily. I thought the cultural fun fact was quite interesting as it is believed the longer breastfeed the better wrestler. I would love to conduct a study on the correlation between athleticism and breastfeeding. Thanks for the interesting blog, I really enjoyed it!


  6. Before reading your blog, I was intrigue by the picture you’ve chosen. I really think its amusing and fits perfectly with your blog. Now onto the questions:

    1.) Do I believe that breast feeding is the way to go for mothers to feed their children? I believe it depends on the actual mother herself, whether the mother wants to breast feed her infant. Yes, I do believe breast feeding is natural healthy, and a possible bonding experience with child and mother. However, not every mother wants to breast feed.


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