Aging: The Beauty and Potential Of Living Your Life To The Fullest

Have you ever seen an elder out shopping, at the gym, at a restaurant, walking their dogs… and wondered, “They are so with it! That is impressive. What is their trick?” Well I am here to tell you those tricks and the gift that comes with being old and healthy. 

First, it starts with engaging yourself with the people and environment around you. Some examples of the social life of the older adult are things like marriage, widowhood, remarriage, and deep friendships.

Second, there are four ways to enhance cognitive functioning. They are listed below. 

  1. Engage in stimulating cognitive activities (crossword puzzles, reading)
  2. Be physically active (walking, swimming)
  3. Reduce cardiovascular risk factors (smoking, alcohol, drugs, getting yearly check-ups)
  4. Become involved in social activities (plan get togethers with friends, book or dinner club)

Third, we all know that our older friends seem to have miles and miles of good wisdom and knowledge, right? However, not all elders are wise and knowledgable. Do you want to know the trick to be wise in your older years? I know that I do 🙂 Here are some tips… 

  1. Have a greater depth and breadth of knowledge about human life and nature
  2. They use this knowledge to make decisions and solve problems
  3. As a result of their life’s experiences, they understand problems better
  4. They have concern with human value and the welfare of others
  5. They are comfortable not knowing the answers to every problem out there

When it comes time for you to be considered an elder (if you are not already), don’t you want your life to be celebrated and to be able to rejoice in the fact that you are healthy and living life to its full? In my American home, we always throw big birthday parties for my grandparents and my grandparents’ friends. But it is not like that in every American home… 

Fun Fact: In other countries, like Korea, the 60th, 70th, and 80th birthdays are HUGE events in their culture. They are “commemorated with large family parties and feasts” (Carter). Also, when parents age, their roles reverse and it is their children’s duty to serve and watch over them now. 

Carter, Karina. “How the Elderly Are Treated around the World.” All You Need to Know about Everything That Matters. The Week Magazine, 23 July 2013. Web. 16 Nov. 2016.

2 thoughts on “Aging: The Beauty and Potential Of Living Your Life To The Fullest

  1. I loved reading this blog post. I think it’s really awesome that your family celebrates the elderly birthdays in a big way and it is cool how they consider the 60th, 70th and 80th birthday years to be of great importance in Korea. It makes a lot of sense and is a lot more of an accomplishment than throwing a big party to celebrate 21 years of life. Also, great advice on how to remain healthy and aware in your older age!


  2. i really enjoyed your post because it was a refreshing approach to how older people live. I think the tips you listed are actually great guidelines to live your life not only when old but all throughout life! I know i love crossword puzzles and sudoku now


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