Aging: Part Two….. Have you thought about it?

I have been fascinated by learning about how humans age and what life is like in our older years. I have been so fascinated by it that I decided to write one more post about it!

We tend to stereotype what we believe people are like when they are older. And we tend to believe things that just aren’t true. To name a few, we believe that elders have stronger learning difficulties, are cranky, do not want anything to do with sex, are lonely and maybe even more religious. I am here to tell you that those are five myths!

I would be lying to you if I told you that I was dreading growing older because I didn’t want to experience being cranky, sexless or lonely. I  am a little more encouraged now to know that I won’t have to be cranky, sexless or lonely!

Whether you see it or not, elders are actually quite “with it” and many of them are trying to get as much left out of life as they can. Of course, elders still may be more prone to experiencing certain diseases that come with age, but that is not the case for all of them.

As I have heard before, aging is not necessarily just a biological process… it is also a cultural one! Different cultures and people celebrate aging differently.

For an example, Greece honors and respects their elders. Celebrating elders is something they find extreme value and worth in. Fun Fact about that… the word “old man” is something to be proud of and excited about in Greece… it is not necessarily something they try to hide or think is bad (Gregoire).

Whereas in the U.S. and western cultures, there is a stigma of shame around aging and death.

Have you ever thought about what you may think your life is like when you get “old?” Or how you can successfully live at peace and in good health when you are “older?” I certainly have! I encourage you to do so, too!

Gregoire, Carolyn. “7 Cultures That Celebrate Aging And Respect Their Elders.” The Huffington Post., 25 Feb. 2014. Web. 29 Nov. 2016.

2 thoughts on “Aging: Part Two….. Have you thought about it?

  1. I look forward to my years of aging and life itself. As for now Im concerned with what the present has to offer and taking each day a step at a time. Because that is all I control. Great blog post and Cultural fact.


  2. I thought this post was extremely honest and relatable! I feel like it is very common to have the fears that you had about aging, but I agree that after taking this course it’s definitely made me have a different perspective on growing older. I like that they value and celebrate old age in Greece, I think that would be a really cool cultural tradition to have!


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