The Art of Aging… It is more than just a wrinkle (or another blog post)!

I have decided that since I am so fascinated with the art of aging, older people, and the gifts that come as you grow older… I might as well write THREE posts on it! Here goes the third…

In class, we were assigned to watch the video titled “The Art of Aging.” This short video clip was authentic and personable. Here are a few more takeaways that I got after watching that video and listening in class…

I loved how this video was raw and real because the man and woman that were interviewed were straight up with how they felt about getting older right from the start. They were “terrified and only looking at the negatives.” Yet, they realized they needed to change their attitudes and switch their mindsets about growing older just a little bit.

This may seem a little bit redundant as compared to my other posts but I just think that it is so important that as we get older to look at the authenticity, importance and beauty of aging. Would you say that you agree with that?

If you think about it, the lines and wrinkles in someones face and body each has a story to them. They make YOU who YOU are. They mold us and “explain” us as we grow older. 

In the country of Scotland, the Scottish agree that authenticity, importance and beauty comes with age. In fact, they have a “Reshaping Care for Old People” program. Their motto in that program is that …“Older people are valued as an asset, their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives in their own home or in a homely setting” (Brenoff). It is safe to say that that motto is fulfilled in Scotland. 

I know when that when I grow old, I want people to respect my opinions… and my wrinkles!! It is something worth valuing and I think that we all need to realize and recognize that. Don’t you want your time spent older spent appreciating your age? I would!

Brenoff, Ann. “7 Very Cool Things Other Countries Do For Their Elderly.” The Huffington Post., 14 Nov. 2014. Web. 01 Dec. 2016.

One thought on “The Art of Aging… It is more than just a wrinkle (or another blog post)!

  1. I personally think aging and growing older is something that we should look forward to instead of dread, even though that often isn’t what happens in our society. The marks of old age do tell your own life story, and a lot of elderly people have lived through some remarkable events. We have so much wisdom to gain from the elderly. I wish our culture was like others and celebrated aging.


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